Parent's Page

A Thematic Approach to US History


As a parent myself, I must congratulate you and your children for your decision and acceptance into the AP program. It is big jump in expectations for the students. I hope you will remain to be involved in your child's education and look forward to hearing from all of you in the future.


Students will presented with a great deal of material and new concepts. Our students will not only be expected to know events and when they occurred; students will also be expected to write about these events and their long lasting effects.


Contact infomation is available on the course syllabus. Parents should feel free to approach me at any time with any concerns they might have about the class or their child's progress.

Higher Learning

 This course is designed to prepare our students for higher learning. To do this, we will expect students to not only learn the events, but apply concepts of evaluation, synthesis, application, and analysis. We will evaluate this progress by requiring essays throughout the semester. These essays will require a description of possible cause and effect of the events studied each week.